Year 1 2022 - 2023

Miss Purcell

Welcome to Year 1!

The teaching team this year includes Mrs Foat and Mrs Fisher

Autumn 1 - Childhood


This project teaches children about everyday life and families today, including comparisons with childhood in the 1950s, using artefacts and a range of different sources.

Autumn 2 - Memory Box


Spring 1 - Bright Lights, Big City


Spring 2 - Rio de Vida


Summer 1 - Splendid Skies


Summer 2 - The Enchanted Woodland



Moving from Reception to Year 1 is a big step and we prioritise wellbeing to ensure the start of the year is a very smooth transition.

The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that the children have had in Reception. Play will continue to be a key vehicle for learning, ensuring that the children remain motivated, challenged and able to progress at a level which is developmentally appropriate for them. The children have opportunities to pursue their own interests in their learning and we support them to further develop their independence.

Look out for regular posts on Class Dojo about our learning experiences and if you have any questions, please use the messaging facility. 

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your family and working together to make sure your child has the most effective, productive and enjoyable experience of Year 1.




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