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Ms Asbury

Reception Class Teacher

Mr Valentine



 Welcome to Team Reception!

We are really enjoying getting to know you and your child and supporting you all on this very special journey through your child's first year at school.  

We will keep you updated on your child's learning throughout the year in lots of different ways and provide you with key information to help you support your child at home.

PE is on a Tuesday - children come to school in their PE kits on this day

Please make sure your child's book bag is in school every day

We learn outside whatever the weather (!) so please make sure your child has a warm, waterproof coat.  You are welcome to provide wellies too to keep in school although we do have a few spare pairs if required.

We would be really grateful if all your child's belongings are clearly named.  Thank you!

We are always on hand to help if you have any questions or comments.  

S. Asbury, J. Valentine, M.Harrison and S. Evans


I wonder what makes me special?

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The key focus for this term is to support the children to settle into their new routines, to become familiar with their new environment and each other.  We will also be completing a Baseline Assessment to establish each child’s starting points.  This is done in a practical, play based way.  We will be spending time getting to know each other this half term and finding out what makes us special.  I wonder who is in your family?  Is it different from your friend's family?  We will celebrate our similarities and our differences and learn how to share our space together.  

I wonder what's above me?

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What’s in Space and how will we get there?  Which planet do we live on? What makes Earth special?  Does the Earth move? Why does it rotate?  Discuss and explore ways of looking after our planet: recycling/energy saving.Talk about how the Earth spins to create day and night.  What would it be like to visit the moon?  Exploring astronauts/ 1st moon landing .  Which planet is nearest the sun and which is the furthest away? Can we name the planets?


I wonder what makes me strong?

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What can help us to be healthy?  Why do our bodies need exercise?  How can we keep fit at school?  What foods are good for us?  Can we make a healthy snack?  Why do we need to have a good sleep?  What is your bedtime routine?  Let's share our favourite bedtime stories!  How do we keep our mind healthy?  Can we name lots of feelings?  Which ones do we like and which ones do we not like?  What can we do if we are feeling worried or sad?  Who can help us?  How can I be a good friend to others?

I wonder who lives there?

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What groups of animals are there? Can we find out any facts about them?  What is the role of a vet?  What do animals need to keep healthy?   What are guide dogs for?  Do you know any other animals who help us?  Forest School – we will be enjoying exploring nature and will take part in treasure hunts using simple map skills.  We will also go on minibeast hunts  and create our own “ Minibeast Hotel”


I wonder what grows?

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Planting beans - What has happened to your bean?  What changes do you notice?  How do seeds travel?  What does a plant need to grow?  What do we eat? Which foods can we grow?  

I wonder how it moves?

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Exploring maps:  how do we plan a journey?  Map of Bollington – where do you live?  Who lives furthest away?  Programming a Beebot to follow a route we have made.  How can we keep safe on our journeys?  Exploring Road Safety.  Which emergency vehicles do you know?  Who keeps us safe on our journeys?  How do you travel to school?  Can you make a map to show what you see on your journey?  Exploring different types of transport.  

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