Year 3 2023 - 2024

Mrs Smith

Mr Valentine



Mr Valentine teachers Class 3 on Monday and Mrs Smith teaches Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.          


Summer Term







Maths - Fractions, Money, Time, Shape and Statistics.







Writing - . Book: Egyptology  Fiction: An Egyptian Mystery   Non-Fiction- A secret diary

Book: Into the Forest    Fiction: Return Narrative    Non-Fiction: Newspaper report

Reading - Reading all about the Egyptians

•Recognise and read all Year 3&4 Word List words with automaticity
•Enhance understanding in information text through, e.g. illustration, photographs, diagrams and charts
•Skim to gain an overview of a text, e.g. topic, purpose
•Look for specific information in texts using contents, indexes, glossaries, dictionaries 



Summer 1: Enquiry Question: How do people show they belong to a community?

Prompt Questions:

How do Christian beliefs shape their identity? What do they do to show they belong?

How do communities differ? Do all Christians need artefacts to worship God?  

Are you a Christian if you don’t go to church?

Summer 2: Enquiry Question: Do all Jewish groups mark important events in the same way?

Prompt Questions:

Are celebrations important to people?

How and why do Jews celebrate?

Is belonging to a community important to all Jews/Humanists?

How and why is freedom linked to Passover? 







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Science - Explaining how plants reproduce in the context of the life cycle of a flowering plant, gathering data on plant growth and investigating the structure and function of the parts of a flowering plant.


Summer 1~ Finding out about Egyptian beliefs, children make inferences about beliefs about the afterlife using primary sources. They investigate pyramids, gods and goddesses, and mummified people to identify Egyptian beliefs before creating a video clip to summarise their findings.

Summer 2: Investigating why the Romans invaded Britain and the reaction of the Celts and learning how the Romans changed life in Britain.

Computing - Developing filming and editing video skills through the storyboarding and creation of book trailers.

Using the theme of a ‘Comparison card game’ to understand what a database is. Learning the meanings of records, fields and data. Further exploration will lead to the development of the ideas of sorting and filtering.


Art and design - Craft and design: Ancient Egyptian scrolls

Developing design and craft skills taking inspiration from Ancient Egyptian art and pattern and paper making.


Design and Technology - Structures: Constructing a castle

Identify and learn about the key features of a castle, before designing and making a recycled-material castle (structure).

PE- . Dance~ Children will be able to demonstrate the skills required to perform their dance. They will be able to work independently and as part of a group to perform to a piece of music. We will alo be doing cricket, rounders and athletics. 


Wellbeing (My Happy Mind) - Engage





English 10 minute weekly workout 

Maths 10 minute weekly workout 

Spelling Shed practice using EdShed and wordsearch/ strategies in Green Homework book.

Reading 3 times a week



PE kits - Tuesday (arrive to school in kit) and bring uniform in bag


Parents, please look out for updates on Class Dojo and if you have any questions, please ask via the messaging facility. 

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