The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is for parents and teachers at Bollington Cross Primary School. Our main objective is to raise funds for the school and re-invest those funds into the school and pupils (and have a lot of fun whilst doing so!).

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We are always in need of new fundraising ideas. Everyone with a child in the school is automatically a member of the PTA and is entitled and very welcome to attend the regular meetings which are held.

The core of the PTA is made up of a committee whom will have taken up their elected posts at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held within the autumn term. The committee is made up of very hard working, active and enthusiastic people who work all year round; such is their commitment. Many parents serve for several years on the committee because they enjoy this involvement in the school's life. Major fund-raising projects such as the 'Summer Fair' are organised, as well as a full programme of social events and activities for parents and children.

The PTA forms an effective and successful partnership with the school and is an essential part of its life. Meetings are informal, good fun and focus on sharing the work load to arrange different events.

A wide range of resources have been provided by the PTA such as School trips, Pantomimes, Classroom Learning resources, Playground improvements, classroom furtniture and more. Last year the school was given a substantial donation in Summer 2019 and it meant that we could purchase many of the resources in the list above.

A huge thank you to all involved with Bollington Cross PTA!!

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