Hamper Donation Day (please click and read more)

Start: 1st Dec 2023 9:00am

Duration: 5 minutes

The famous hampers are back but with a Christmas twist. The
themes are still colour based to keep it nice and simple and I
can’t wait to see the finished hampers. You always blow me
away with how amazing these are and I know everyone, who has
been lucky enough to receive one, has been delighted with the
For those that don’t know anything about the hampers read on.
Basically each class is given a colour and everyone donates
something of that colour - it can be chocolate, smellies, a game,
a teddy, craft, food, alcohol - literally anything! Class reps and
any willing helpers then put all the donations together into a
hamper. The hampers always look absolutely amazing and we’ve
had some really inventive donations such as an album by Blue
for a blue hamper and a bag of chocolate sprouts for green. So
look up your colour below and get your thinking caps on...
Reception - Jingle Bells (silver, gold, sparkly, shiny)
Year 1 -Christmas Tree (green)
Year 2 -Santa (red)
Year 3 - Snow (white)
Year 4 - Rudolph (brown)
Year 5 - Jack Frost (blue)
Year 6 -All Wrapped Up - absolutely anything just wrap each
individually so it's a surprise! 


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